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Wellbee Academy is the ONLY Course Creation Platform dedicated to holistic health and wellness. Use Wellbee’s AI Course Creation Assistant to help you with curriculum design, lesson planning, and assignments that convert into unmatched content delivery that maximizes learning.

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No Code, No Design Skills Necessary

Create your course seamlessly using simple drag and drop. Upload images, graphics, and videos to make your lessons engaging, meaningful, and fun without pouring hours and days into the process.

Streamlined, Intuitive Process with Your Specifications

With unwavering potential, you can create a unique course, setting prerequisites if necessary, offering them as a single course or in bundles, and rewarding your learners with beautiful certificates upon completion.

Your Personalized Dashboard

Access and manage all your courses from one page. Keep track of monetization, number of courses, and total students enrolled.

Unlimited Assessments

Use assessments to maximize learning, keeping your students engaged and learning!

Advanced Analytics & Reports

Track performance and students' success rates to assess the value of your courses.

Set Course Prerequisites

Specify when your students need to complete a course before moving onto the next.


Keep your students motivated by rewarding them with pre-made, beautiful certificates they can display.

Interactive Q/A

Save time, for yourself and your students, by allowing them to pop into an interactive Q/A portal to ask questions directly from the Course Page!

Sell Courses Your Way!

Sell single courses, mini courses, or create bundles and sell multiple courses together. Offer course packages, boosting sales, and create an eLearning experience keeping your students coming back for more. Start monetizing the minute a student enrols! It’s that simple. Click below to learn more about our Pricing Model.

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Featured Instructors

Our instructors are experts in holistic, and natural wellness therapies.

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Refer Wellbee Academy to a Course Creator in Health and Wellness! If they use Wellbee Academy to upload their courses, you are entitled to a 5% referral commission. Click below to learn more about our Referral Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

No. Wellbee Academy allows instructors and creators to upload their courses free of charge. Once a student enrols and pays for your course, then Wellbee Academy charges a commission as part of our revenue sharing model for every purchase of your course. 

Using Wellbee AI is completely optional. We definitely recommend using Wellbee AI to help you structure your course, create your course outline, assist with lesson plans and assessments to keep your course engaging and maximize learning. This will also help you save time!

Yes, our team is available to help you navigate Wellbee Academy, use Wellbee AI, and help publish your course content should you encounter any difficulties. Please do not hesitate to reach out!

That’s totally up to you, and how complex you want your course to be. Some courses can take as little as an hour, and some will need more time depending on the course content and materials. Once you have your course content ready, using our Course Builder can take as little as 10 minutes! You can upload text, images, and unlimited videos. 

Wellbee AI requires a subscription to our paid membership plan. To upgrade your plan, simply sign up for free, and click on Wellbee AI from your Dashboard. This will give you the option to subscribe to our paid plan. 

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