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Wellbee Academy is the ONLY Course Creation Platform dedicated to holistic health and wellness. Use Wellbee’s AI Course Creation Assistant to help you with curriculum design, lesson planning, and assignments that convert into unmatched content delivery that maximizes learning, engagement, and student interest!

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Build Courses In Minutes

In minutes, Wellbee AI will provide a complete course outline, based on your topic course, target audience, and difficulty level. Then, use our simple Drag & Drop interface to create and finalize your course!

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How Does Wellbee Academy Work?

Step 1 Wellbee AI

Let Wellbee AI Help You

Specify your topic, target audience, and difficulty level of your course to Wellbee AI. She can then help you with a course outline, lesson plans, and assessments that match your requirements.
Step 2 Lessons

Build Your Course

Create your course using our Drag and Drop builder. Create lessons with videos, images, and text. Easily incorporate assignments and quizzes into your lessons to maximize learning. Engage in a Q/A with your students, or join a live meeting!

Share Course Link

With a click of a button, you can share your course on your social media, website, or email newsletter. Your learners will be taken directly to your course page and description, with an easy "Add to Cart" button.

Create Courses Your Way

Set Course Prerequisites

Specify when your students need to complete a course before moving onto the next.

Award Certificates

Keep your students motivated by rewarding them with pre-made, beautiful certificates they can display.

Interactive Q/A

Save time, for yourself and your students, by allowing them to pop into an interactive Q/A portal to ask questions directly from the Course Page!

Sell Individual Courses or Bundles

Because every course creator has different requirements, you may sell individual courses alone, or multiple courses together.

Unlimited Assessments

Use assessments to maximize learning, keeping your students engaged and learning!

Host Live Lessons

Integrate your courses with live lesson through Google Meet to enhance learning and teaching support.

Unlimited Potential

Craft Perfectly Balanced Assessments

Wellbee AI’s potential is unlimited. Creating the perfect assessment requires time and effort. But with Wellbee AI, you can have assessments in minutes, allowing your students to have maximum takeaways from your course

Course Assessments

Keep Track of Students, Courses, & Revenue With Your Personalized Dashboard

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Control course content delivery with Content Drip

Release lessons, quizzes, and assignments at your own pace with the flexible content drip feature. 

Time Intervals

Create structure by showing content at specific dates and times. Drip feed encourages learners to process information in bite-sized chunks, before moving on to the next lesson.

Sequential Drip

Unlock lessons one after one another, allowing learners to complete lessons in order before moving onto the next.

Prerequisite Triggers

Set content to release after prerequisites have been completed to ensure learners have the necessary skills and knowledge to go onto the next lesson, or course.

Dedicated to Holistic & Natural Wellness

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Our Values

Why create a course on
Wellbee Academy?

Your Intellectual Property

Your course belongs to you, always. We provide a service, a platform for you to create and share your course easily. You may choose to upload your course on Wellbee Academy exclusively, or share it on other educational platforms as well. Your choice!

Pay only when a student buys your course

Wellbee Academy follows a revenue sharing model. You can create your course for FREE, and only share a small portion of the revenue generated from course sales with the platform.

Become AN AFFiliate & Monetize

By referring your colleagues and friends to create courses on Wellbee Academy, you help us immensely! We'd love to return the favour and offer you a percentage (from the platform's share) of their course sales!

Simply Drag & Drop Course Contents

No Code and No Design Skills Needed

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Wellbee Academy allows instructors and creators to upload their courses free of charge. Once a student purchases a course, then Wellbee Academy charges a commission as part of our revenue sharing model. 

You may choose to create your course for free! There is no risk, and no credit card required to use Wellbee Academy to create your course. Only after a student purchases your course, then Wellbee Academy charges a small percentage from the cost of the course. 

Wellbee AI is completely  optional. We highly recommend using Wellbee AI to maximize efficiency in course creation. 

Wellbee AI can help you with course outlines, professional development, and adjusting the course content to meet your target audience.

Wellbee Academy support team is ready to assist you in creating your account, and helping you navigate our tools to create your course. For suggestions on course content, assignments, lessons, we suggest you turn to Wellbee AI.

Once you create your course on Wellbee AI, you will have the option 

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